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Friday, February 28, 2014

G.O.A.L.S. for Women, Inc.

G.O.A.L.S. started in 1997 as an informal support group. While gathered in founder Gwen Wilson's South Central Los Angeles living room, group participants discovered that they had all experienced frequent and recurring depression related to the long-term effects of cultural insensitivity, racism, and other oppressions.

Gwen Wilson, MSW

Together these African American women explored the psychological impacts of discrimination, denied opportunities and internalized racism. They experienced the healing effects of interventions rooted in African American cultural tradition like community caring, spiritual faith, history, ethnic/cultural pride, visual art, music, and talking over a meal.

The revelations from the informal GOALS' support groups gave Gwen Wilson impetus to formalize the project and champion programs for social change. While advocating for mental health support for underserved African Americans, Gwen enrolled in a master's program in community mental health at U.C. Berkeley's School of Social Welfare and began her studies. Following graduation with an advanced degree in community mental health and backing/encouragement from her professors and friends, Gwen presented proposals to the California Wellness Foundation and Alameda County's Behavioral Healthcare Services to provide mental health support services to Welfare-to-Work participants. She was awarded grants and contracts to provide peer counseling services to African American women and their children/families in Oakland who participated in the CalWORKs welfare to work program. Since April 2002, GOALS for Women's African American Family Counseling Center has reached out and supported over 1,200 underserved African American/Black women, children and families in Northern California.

Our services have reduced participants’ stress levels and improved their abilities to achieve and maintain employment, be good parents, and seek health support. With our growing experience, collaborations with other community stakeholders, and participant feedback, we are continuously gaining a greater understanding of the multiple interlocking needs of our clients, their families and the community. Since 2002, we have researched and developed a program model that meets the needs of very low-income African American women, with a focus on CalWORKs beneficiaries. Luna Calderon, LCSW was instrumental in working with Gwen to develop the program model based on staff, consultant, and participant feedback.

Our approach to culturally appropriate care and treatment is to establish a safe and culturally sensitive neighborhood setting where community members are respected and validated. Our center is where individuals can get support to reexamine all aspects of their lives to better understand the impact of historical trauma, family and socioeconomic challenges, and all that has happened to them and their children/families. They get information and support to better understand how to regulate their emotions, stress reactions, thoughts and feelings, and in the process they learn to better understand themselves and others. Our goal is to remove functional impairments and build greater resiliency, wellness and recovery. We mentor and coach women to become self advocates and advocates for their children and families. GOALS is a place to become informed, empowered and supported through true community caring. We also support self-efficacy, community efficacy, people skills, adaptive coping skills and leadership development for greater civic engagement on issues related to their health and well-being.

On November 11, 2006, GOALS' African American Family Counseling Center moved from 43rd and MLK in Oakland to 3356 Adeline Street in Berkeley, right on the Berkeley-Oakland border near the Ashby BART station and AC Transit line #15. In this more visible neighborhood-based location, community members frequently walk-in to our Center to inquire about our services. In addition to a counseling center, our space is a women's consciousness-raising / empowerment center. Here women have access to cultural enrichment activities, groups, workshops, videos, computers for conducting job-searches or school work, a cozy kitchen where kitchen table talks occur, and a group meeting area on our 2nd floor. The space is child friendly, thus community members and program clients who do not have the luxury of childcare are encouraged to bring their children/family members along to visit the Center too.

We have extensive experience, both African American women-centered peer and clinical / professional in cross cultural mental health services and case management. We have extensive experience and knowledge in providing culturally responsive and appropriate services to no- and low-income, at-risk, African American/Black women and their children/families. We know that safe, aesthetically pleasing and nurturing environments matter, as well as flexibility in appointments, access, and specialty supports like mentoring and coaching, advocacy and leadership development. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like our support - (510) 985-0500.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Women Together presents International Women's Day

Come with a Story to share of unity, honoring women's experiences, addressing challenging issues, and or celebrating who we are.

Please bring food to share.. All are Welcome

Welcoming New Members to Women In Action Inc

Come and be a part of Women In Action Inc. If you have question about what we do come to our meeting today. If you want to be apart of what we have for the future come be an Active Member.

Where: Worcester Public Library 3 Salem Square #SaxeRoom
When: March 15th 2014
Time: 11am - 130pm

Voice4Society @Voice4Society

"Bridging The Gap Between The Youth & Their Dreams"

MissionOur goal is to decrease the rate of juvenile delinquency in urban (specifically, inner-city) communities and contribute to an increase in positive academic and behavioral performance among youth participants.
Voice4Society is a youth mentorship program implemented between local colleges, community centers, and public elementary schools. We are all about empowering the youth to be ambassadors for Christ through their talents !!

If you are:

1. A young person
- This place is for you! Created, established, and purposed just for you. God has given you talents, passions, and creativity. Don't let anyone surpress it. Instead - use your gifts to inspire change on Facebook, in your community, and in life. We have been given one life to make a difference. Use it wisely :)

2. Someone who is passionate about the youth
-This place is for you! Organized, designed, and recognized as the place where you will make the difference. Just because you are sitting behind a computer doesn't mean that you can't create positive change. Encourage, understand, and most of all show some love to the teenagers growing up in today's world. Let's use this page to impact the world!

Thanks for joining us!
~ Tiffany J. (Executive Director)

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The Girl's Book @happening4girls

The Girl's Book was created to connect adults to resources for girls. It is published by The Women’s Book, a media company that connects women in business to resources.

We believe that girls who have greater access to information, resources and supportive networks are more likely to be aware of the possibilities for their lives, and to be inspired to rise to their greatest potential.

Our Target Audiences:
• Parents who have tween and teen-aged daughters (10 to 17 years)
• Teachers and leaders of nonprofits organizations serving girls

The Girl's Book Features:
• Searchable online directories: Camps, Single Gender Educational Programs and Schools and Scholarships
• Blogs featuring insights from girls and advice for raising strong and confident girls
• News: Links to recent headlines about inspiring girls and issues impacting girls
• Tech Stuff: Spotlights and links STEM related initiatives and community programs
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• Books to Grow By: Recommended books for girls, parents and guardians

Sponsorship Opportunities: There are many ways that we can help you connect with our growing audience of readers and followers including:
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